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We foresee a future where South Sudan can have sufficient and sustainable power and energy production and supply. Start your new project today. Call us on +211920000220, +211920003434. CONTACT US ABOUT EZRA GROUP. EZRA GROUP is a company founded in October 1986 in Ethiopia by two brothers. It has since grown into a conglomerate that is involved ...

South Sudan - Medair

Why South Sudan? Conflict has forced people from their homes and families have been separated. Livelihoods have been severely affected as people have been unable to plant and harvest. Most families are hungry and struggling to afford market prices that are continuing to rise.


Formal Plant Breeding in Southern Sudan ... Plant Breeding during the Peak of the War (1987–2005) _____ 41 Plant Breeding since the Signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (2006–2010) _____ 44 Crop Varieties Commonly Grown by Farmers in Southern Sudan ...

Meet The South Sudanese Farmers Who Want To Feed Their War ...

Conflict broke out in South Sudan in 2013, just two years after the country gained hard-fought independence from Sudan. A political dispute between the new nation's leaders ignited a civil war that has killed tens of thousands and sparked one of the worst humanitarian crises on the globe.

South Sudan Gap Analysis report final draft B

the South Sudan is about 30 MW of which about 22 MW is currently operational. The total number of customers connected to the network is about 22,000 customers. Per capita electricity consumption in South Sudan is about 1 - 3 kWh, the lowest compared to the rates in its neighbouring countries. The average per capita electricity consumption in the

Geography of the New Country of South Sudan

Sep 02, 2019· South Sudan, officially called the Republic of South Sudan, is the world's newest country. It is a landlocked country located on the continent of Africa to the south of Sudan.South Sudan became an independent nation at midnight on July 9, 2011, after a January 2011 referendum regarding its secession from Sudan passed with around 99% of voters in favor of the split.

Water treatment plant | UNICEF South Sudan

Sep 30, 2018· UNICEF South Sudan/2018/Kealey Raw water is pumped from the Jur river, (approximately 6,000 m3 per day) to the water treatment plant to serve communities in the town and the surrounding areas. However, since the December 2013 crisis, many more people have moved to Wau Town and to areas where there is no pipe network.

Animals and Plants Unique to South Sudan

Insects found only in South Sudan include the butterflies Charaxes amandae and Capys bamptoni (Wikispecies), a clearwing moth Lolibaia salimi (AfroMoths WM), a katydid Horatosphaga nuda, a gaudy grasshopper Parasphena imatongensis (fig. 14 at Google Books), a longhorned beetle Allogaster nigripennis (Smithsonian), the plant bugs Campylomma ...

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Apr 25, 2017· Sudan is a country eastern in Africa with a rich variety of plants that number to more than 4000 species. The different climatic zones such as the savannah, rainforest and deserts, and semi-deserts support a wide variety of unique plant biodiversity. The drier north has relatively fewer plant species compared to wetter regions of the country.

South Sudan Oil & Power 2018 SOUTH SUDAN ELECTRIC …

Ezra power plant in Juba South Sudan Oil & Power / SOUTH SUDAN ELECTRIC POWER DEVELOPMENT Eng. Jacob Manyuon Deng (MSc, REng, MIAEE, MSSEC), Acting Director General of Planning and Projects, South Sudan Electricity Corporation and Part-time Lecturer, University of Juba.

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Wheat occupies 480KHa. The main wheat producing areas are the Gezira Project, New Halfa Project, El Rahda project River Nile State, Northern State, White Nile State. Of the three wheat growing areas in Sudan, the Gezira produces the largest volume. Here wheat, grown in the cooler «winter» months, is rotated with cotton, groundnuts and sorghum.

Sudan - Manufacturing | Britannica

Sudan - Sudan - Manufacturing: Sudan's manufacturing sector remains relatively small; manufacturing and mining combined contribute less than one-third of the GDP and employ only a small percentage of the country's labour force. The country's industrial base is dominated by the processing of food and beverage products. Sugar refining is a major activity, as are the production of vegetable ...

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